Christia­­­­­­n Byrge

Deliberate Practice of Creativity

Never before has it been so easy to advance creative skills

Creativity + Persuasion

The most powerfull way to make original social impacts

Creativity can be Taught

Possible in all kinds of professions, disciplines and sports


Academy for Creativity

I had a leading role in the design of this digital gamelike creativity e-module. It is designed to be integrated into general higher education but can be used by anyone. It provides a fun and engaging training platform with a variety of different training games.

Creativity Game Series

I am the inventor of this creativity training game series. It is probably the only of its kind in the world. It advances players' creativity simply by playing the games. The series consist of a "race-to-win", "drawing & guessing" and a "match and invent" game.

Football Creativity Training System

I played a central role in the development of this soccer creativity training system. It is developed and tested in collaboration with a top level team from one of the main Danish soccer clubs. It can be integrated into general soccer practice at all levels and ages.

Creativity Workbooks

I am the inventor of this creativity training workbook series. Students and pupils will enhance their creativity by solving creative challenges. It is designed to make it very easy for a teacher in any subject to start and maintain creativity training.

Creative Genius Programs

I am the co-designer of the "Creative Genius Semester" and "Creative Genius for Professionals". These are two Master level programs for students from all over the world and professionals from Denmark. It is equivalent to 30 ECTS.

Creative Challenge Training Systems

I am the inventor of these creativity training sets. Players pick a creativity training instruction card and carefully follow the instructions. A variety of stimuli cards are used one by one to continuously force thinking into new directions.

BSc in Creativity and Business Innovation

I played a central role in the development of this new bachelor program. It is focused on making the business innovator a creative and original entrepreneur/intrapreneur. The bachelor program has been accredited in Estonia, Lithuania and Portugal since 2014.

Solution Camp

I played a central role in the design of Solution Camp. It is a 24-48 hour work camp focused on generating and developing original ideas to existing problems in private and public organisations. The problems are defined by business or product developers and solved by student teams.

The Creative Platform

I played a central role in the design of The Creative Platform. It is designed to make it easier for cross-disciplinary groups and teams to become highly creative in short-term situations like meetings, workshops or similar.

Leadership Creativity Training (prototype)

I currently work on a creativity training system for developing visionary leaders. It is designed in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). The training system is currently in a prototype state being tested.

Deliberate Practice of Creativity

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